Product Information

Is my product going to look exactly like the picture?

All of our products are handmade by our partnering artisans, and not produced by heavy machinery. Every item is made from natural elements and at times can have imperfections and/or inconsistencies, or variances in color, texture, and patina.

Can I customize a product?

Of course! We would love to connect with you about your ideas, and to help you customize a product to meet your specific needs. Customized orders can be made by contacting us, answering a series of questions regarding what you want done, and a custom quote will be generated for you. For ideas about what customizations you can make, please visit our Product Customization page.

How long does it take to make a product?

Since all of our products are handmade to order, our product creation timeline could be anywhere from 2-3 weeks. Rest assured that we will keep you informed throughout the whole process of your product being handcrafted.

What gauge is used for the copper products?

As a standard, all of our products are made with high quality, 16-gauge copper. We do have access to copper up to 20-gauge, so if you are wanting to keep your costs lower, reach out to us and we can explain the difference of copper gauges.

Product Care

How do I properly care for my copper products?

Please visit our Copper Product Care page for more information.

How do I clean copper products?

Please visit our Copper Product Care page for more information.

Will my copper products patina over time?

Copper will always search for its equilibrium and start to patina over time to protect itself. The more water and oxygen that comes into contact with the surface, the more the copper will patina. There is no primer, or sealant used for our copper products.

Will hot pans damage the copper sinks?

Yes. If hot pans are placed onto a copper product it will likely remove the finish. In general, the finish on copper sinks can be damaged or removed if you put anything extremely hot, or acidic on the product.

How can I repair my product if it gets damaged in the future?

If your product becomes damaged from placing a hot or acidic item on the copper, there are ways to fix it by treating the entire product to blend the color. Please keep in mind, copper will naturally patina over time.

Required Product Accessories

What product accessories do I need for my copper bathroom sink?

The drain hole size is 1.5 inches for all of our bathroom sinks. Therefore a 1.5 inch drain will be needed. Of course you will also need to the appropriate plumbing pipes and a coordinating faucet, which we do not sell.

What product accessories do I need for my copper farmhouse sink?

All of our farmhouse sinks have a 3.5 inch drain size. So therefore a 3.5 inch basket strainer drain will be needed. We also advise that you purchase a bottom grid to protect the bottom of your sink. Visit our Accessories page to find these products.

What product accessories do I need for my copper range hood?

Our range hoods do not include the insert fan/liner, motor, or remote blower that will be needed to vent the air up and out of your home. On each of our copper range hood listings we have a list of suggestions for these products. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

Does Roots of Heritage provide mounting hardware for any of the sinks?

At this time we do not supply any mounting hardware for any of our sinks.

Shipping & Delivery

How much does shipping cost?

For orders over $100, shipping is completely FREE to you and we will cover that cost. For all orders under $100, the shipping fee will depend on weight of product.

What shipping provider does Roots of Heritage use?

We partner with DHL for all of our shipping needs.

Are the products insured during the delivery process?

Yes! Our products are insured against delivery damage, and being lost or stollen in transit. Rest assured, that we only work with the best of the best companies.

How long does it take for an item to get shipped to me?

After a product is completed, packed, and ready to ship, it could take 1-2 weeks for the product to be delivered to you. Our current production time can vary, but typically it is 2-3 weeks, and can take up to 4-6 weeks for an item to be delivered to you.

Return Policy

Am I able to return a product if I don’t like it?

If you are not satisfied with a product, we want to make it right. As long as you submit a return request within 14 calendar days of receiving a product, you can return it, and exclusions apply. Visit our Return Policy page for more information.

Can I return a product if it is damaged or defected?

Of course! As damages or defects do not occur often, there is still a chance that this can happen and if it does, we will 100% work our hardest to make it right. It is extremely important that you examine your package upon delivery. If your package has been damaged during the delivery phase, make sure to refuse the delivery and sign the delivery receipt as damaged. For a list of our company policies regarding returning items, please click here.

How long do I have to return an item?

If you are returning an item that you are not satisfied with, we have a 14 calendar day window where you can submit a return request. If your product is damaged, or defective, there is a 2 day window to notify us. We also offer a 1-year limited product warranty, please visit our Return Policy & Warranty page for more information. No returns are allowed without prior authorization.

Product Warranty

Are Roots of Heritage products covered by a warranty?

At Roots of Heritage we offer our clients a 1-year limited product warranty that include manufacturer defects such as; leaks, damage to the structure, finishes, mechanical malfunctions, welds and basin slopes. All products must be inspected for warranty or defects prior to installation. If leaks are found after a product has been installed, this would be covered under the 1-year limited product warranty. If a defect is found, the Roots of Heritage team will either repair, replace or make adjustments to the product that is under warranty. Please click here to review more information along with a list of exclusions.

Other General Questions

How can I get in touch with Roots of Heritage?

You can call, email, or text us anytime! Or please feel free to submit a contact request on our website. During business hours you can expect a response within a few hours, and during evenings or weekends we will get back to you at the very latest, the next day.

What is the fastest way to reach customer service?

The fastest way to reach customer service would be to email us directly. info@rootsofheritage.com

Can I order samples of the copper finishes?

Yes! We do offer sample orders to show you the different finishes for our copper products. Please reach out to us for more information & pricing.