Our story

Our focus at Roots of Heritage is beyond offering luxury products and home decor. Our focus is to share art and the history of artisan heritage passed down from generation to generation for centuries. We want to showcase art and history that utilizes natural and sustainable products hand crafted by our artisans. Roots of Heritage is determined to keep these ancient traditions alive by sharing it with the world. 

By purchasing one of our products you are not only buying a luxury piece that will define any space with its eclectic style and heritage, you are also helping these traditions and ancient industries thrive. By supporting these artisans we are helping entire families and communities do what they do best and to not be forced to migrate to the big cities and be obligated to work in large factories. We are proud to partner with artisans to help them stay relevant and self sustained, so they can keep their culture alive, and not be forced to leave their roots of heritage behind.

Where did it all begin?

Inspired by traveling the world and working in the real estate industry the idea was born. Our founder, Jose, started to work on the plan of bringing handmade pieces to homes in North America, along with commercial buildings such as; luxury hotels & high-end restaurants. Everything had to be hand crafted with high-quality, sustainable, and fair trade materials.

What inspired Roots of Heritage?

After learning and understanding the fascinating stories of these trades that have been passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years and in some cases, thousands of years, our name was born; Roots of Heritage.

Where is Roots of Heritage going?

Continuing to travel the most remote parts of the planet, one country at a time to find the best artisans and learn about their history to bring to your home or place of business. We are committed to keep finding extraordinary products so you can be part of the story of artisan made, eclectic pieces with ancient meaningful value with a modern twist. Roots of heritage.

What are Roots of Heritage’s core values?

High quality, sustainable products.

Fair trade.





Commitment to excellence.